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News [[RP Thread - Open To All]]

Gawain had been sent far a field and what he had seen and heard hadn't sat well with him, the Woads to the North were inspiring rebellion and spreading rumour that Arthur was not the one as prophesized and that tests were only fitting. Some people just didn't know when they should be grateful.

Spurring his horse onwards he sped across the expanse of green grass as the rain pounded the ground relentlessly, if it wasn't for the hills the villages would flood. Gawain kept driving his horse as he took the hills one after another, grass being cut up and ground into mush beneath the ever powerful strike of his horse's hooves.

By the time he reached the garrison he was sweating through the water streaking his face, clothes and hair. He slid free of his saddle and the ground beneath his leather boots squelched rather ominously before one footstep was echoed after another as he strode across the courtyard. Gawain needed to find Arthur and the other Knights, he needed to do it quickly.

Blonde hair was in disarray around his shoulders and the clink of armour and weaponry haunted his steps as he continued up a flight of stone steps and he hurried forward.
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